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Aamrai Organic Mangoes

AAMRAI, Ratnagiri farms 2022 season update

The extended monsoon continued until dassehra, i.e. the end of navratri this year. Sporadic showers were seen almost daily in Ratnagiri, though of low intensity and short duration. The lush green growth at our farms was cut in August/September and the mulching process was completed. These should be the last closing showers of the 2021 […]

Blooming Flowers in AAMRAI, Kelshi, Ratnagiri

Reds & Oranges, Pinks & Purples, Whites & Yellows, Strewn amongst the countless shades of Green, Such vivid colors in the fields and meadows, Painted by the grey skies and colorless rains. Poem credit – Ameya Vartak Photo credit – Mahesh Soman

Lush Green Rainy AAMRAI in Ratnagiri

An abundant monsoon showering countless hues of green, Water and romance in the air, nature’s verdant screen, New life emerges in the foliage, soil and on every tree, Heaven comes to earth during monsoon in Ratnagiri Poem credit – Ameya Vartak Photo credit – Omkar Ranade

AAMRAI Organic Mango Winter Update – 2021 season

Winter is firmly entrenched in AAMRAI, Ratnagiri and the cold air is certainly aiding the fruit setting as well as the new flowering growth. Typically the weather starts turning after Holi in March and if that happens this year with a hot summer, we should have a good mango harvest this year. Having said that […]

Vashishti – River of Dreams

Snaking its way from the Sahyadri and into the Arabian sea, Cutting through the hard basalt rock is the river Vashishti, Home to flora, fauna and fish aplenty, Birthing the town of Chiplun, second largest in Ratnagiri, Providing fresh water and life to the people of the Konkan, Black waters turning to turquoise blue in […]

AAMRAI- Ratnagiri – Deep Gold Sands

Swaying coconut trees dancing in the salty breeze, Deep golden sands turning the water into liquid gold, A tranquil scene putting nature itself into a deep freeze, Aamrai, Ratnagiri has to be experienced, cannot be told. Poem credit – Ameya Vartak Photo credit – Arvind Joshi

AAMRAI in Kelshi, Ratnagiri

Nestled in a sea of coconut, betelnut and mango tree, Air heavy with the scent of pepper, jackfruit and the sea, Jostling for space between the ocean and the mighty Sahyadri, Blessed with the revered temple of Mahalaxmi, Birthplace of the alphonso mango and Aamrai, Is the quaint Ratnagiri village of Kelshi. Poem credit – […]

Blissful November in Aamrai, Konkan

A cool November winter morning, a serene and carefree day is dawning, cows mooing, birds chirping and buzzing bees, life starts in Aamrai, nice and easy, lazy hay stacks and a gentle fragrant breeze, nestled in quaint Varavade village, Kankavli, adjacent to the districts of Devgad and Malwan, filtering shyly through the coconut & mango […]

Konkan’s Petroglyphs – 1000 mysterious rock carvings in Ratnagiri

The red laterite porous soil of the Konkan seems to harbour a lot of mysteries other than of course the famed Alphonso Hapus mango. Over a 1000 mysterious rock carvings were discovered etched into the hard rock across the Ratnagiri and Sindhdurg districts reaching as far South as Goa. Our AAMRAI organic mango farms are […]