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AAMRAI, Ratnagiri farms 2022 season update

The extended monsoon continued until dassehra, i.e. the end of navratri this year. Sporadic showers were seen almost daily in Ratnagiri, though of low intensity and short duration. The lush green growth at our farms was cut in August/September and the mulching process was completed.

These should be the last closing showers of the 2021 monsoon. For the last 10 days, we have not had any rain and the skies are clear. In fact the temperatures have dropped a bit, especially in the early morning. If this continues, it will be beneficial for the first early flowering. We expect this to happen in next fortnight or so, probably around Diwali. With a 4 month maturity period from flowering to fruit, this early flowering should bear fruit in March.

There is a long way to go though and with the climate changing every year, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

A blooming flower in AAMRAI , making the most of the last showers and with its Beauty & Grace gives us Joy and Hope.

Pic credit – Mahesh Soman

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