Blanket of Watery Green

The annual Konkan monsoon unleashes its fury, Carpeting the land in a blanket of watery green, Across the 3 districts – Raigad, Sindhdurg and Ratnagiri, The very soul rejoices at the surreal vision that is seen.

Mango Trivia: 8 Surprising Facts About the King of Fruits

Organic Alphonso Mangoes

Mangoes are not only tasty; they are also rich in history, culture, and intriguing facts. We want to share with you 10 fun facts about the King of Fruits that you may not have known before. Mangoes were regarded as a sign of love and wealth and are said to have originated in India more […]

The Journey of Aamrai’s Organic Mangoes: From Farm to Table

Certified Organic Alphonso Mangoes

Have you ever wondered exactly how those delicious organic mangoes reach your plate? To help you better understand how the wonderful ‘King Alphonso’ travels from the organic mango farms to your plate, we will take you on a journey of Aamrai’s 100% certified organic mangoes as they go through tmany steps of mango production.    […]

Five Mouth-Watering Recipes to Try with Aamrai’s Organic Mangoes

Certified Organic Alphonso

Mangoes are without a doubt one of the world’s most beloved and cherished fruits. And when they have been organically grown in the red soil of Ratnagiri fired by the hot sun, they are an absolute summer staple  in every household of the country. They are a favourite addition in a variety of cuisines, from […]

Why Organic Mangoes Should Be Your Go-To Snack?

There’s nothing quite like sinking your taste buds into succulent, juicy mangoes from the finest organic mango farms. It’s not just a tasty treat, but it’s also loaded with nutrients. Offering a host of health benefits that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. Take things up a notch, by choosing Aamrai organic alphonso mangoes […]

Red Ratnagiri Valentine

Red, red, the colour of love, Dripping from the hot Ratnagiri sun above, Delicious and cold raspberry ice, True love and ice-cream has no price. A little taste of childhood magic, Taking us back to a carefree, simpler time, Thiba Palace forged from wood and red brick, Looms in the background, lost in time.   […]

Latest from mango orchard, AAMRAI, Ratnagiri………… far so good

Winter has well and truly set in Ratnagiri. With lower temperatures in day and night, there is good flowering and fruit setting. We are expecting first harvest to begin from early March provided the weather supports the fruit growth and maturity. In the first week of January we had a bit of a scare since […]

Festive Flowering & Cheers…………..

The festive season has brought in almost perfect conditions for flowering and fruit setting with night time temperatures of 19-22C and low humidity. Currently about a quarter of our trees in Aamrai have good flowering and this should increase in the next week before 2022 ends. The current flowering should bear fruit after mid April […]

Chander waterfall, Malvan, Sindhdurg

Hidden from the prying eyes of a casual wanderer, Is a quiet, quaint little wonder, Surreptitiously falling into a deep pond in Malvan, Shy Chander in a dense jungle in Konkan. Text credit – Ameya Vartak Photo credit – Arvind Joshi

And finally Flowering in AAMRAI, Ratnagiri…………..

The extended monsoons have resulted in a delay in flowering this season. Finally the first flowers have sprouted and most of this has been observed in the last week. Currently about 20% of our trees are showing flowers which is a bit below average compared to the same time last year, i.e. Nov end 2022. […]