Alphonso Mango Update from Aamrai, Ratnagiri

The trees in AAMRAI are heavy with alphonso mango fruits of different sizes ranging from a pea to a cricket ball. The early flowering of November has borne fruit now and should be ready in the next fortnight or so. Unfortunately the heavy November rains destroyed most of the early crop which we would have […]

Blossoming Entry Of The King At AAMRAI

    Alphonso Mango trees covered in a sea of blazing yellow,Cold moist morning, laden heavy with the scent of flowering,The Ratnagiri sun glistening with a golden glow,All awaiting eagerly for the arrival of the King. Poem Credit- Ameya Vartak Photo Credit- Omkar Ranade    

AAMRAI, Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango 2022 – Looking Good with Fingers Crossed

Some positive news from AAMRAI, Ratnagiri. The flowering this winter is above expectation and we can expect a good harvest this season. The cold winter has helped in flowering and fruit setting and even assuming some flowering falls in the next few months, we can hope for a sizeable jump in harvest quantum compared to […]

Cold spell spurs Ratnagiri alphonso mango flowering

The extended cold spell across the north and western parts of the country has also affected coastal Maharashtra – specifically the three alphonso mango producing districts of Ratnagiri, Sindhdurgh and Raigad. The intermittent showers and rainfall had carried over from November into the first week of December. This brought down the temperature and since then […]

Wet Welcome to the first flowering – AAMRAI 2022

A warm and welcome to the first flowering of 2022 season at AAMRAI, Ratnagiri. Amidst the rain showers that keep occurring on and off at our farms, the intermittent cold weather has sprouted the first flowering last week. We have seen the flowering across our orchards in various parts of South Ratnagiri – Gavkadi, Pavas, […]

AAMRAI Alphonso Mango sapling in Dubai

July 2021 One of our regular customers in Dubai, surprised us with good news on a hot July morning. Lo and behold, it’s a baby AAMRAI sapling bravely facing the desert heat in Dubai. The gentleman who loves our alphonso mangoes and had got several boxes this last season, planted a mango seed in his […]

Road to AAMRAI, Ratnagiri via Amba Ghat…

Sometimes a seemingly adverse situation can result in an unexpected bounty coming your way. This happened to us on a recent travel to Ratnagiri. Due to the bad road conditions on the Mumbai-Goa highway, we took the road from Kolhapur to Ratnagiri and were thus able to enjoy the breathtaking sights and weather in the […]

AAMRAI, Ratnagiri farms 2022 season update

The extended monsoon continued until dassehra, i.e. the end of navratri this year. Sporadic showers were seen almost daily in Ratnagiri, though of low intensity and short duration. The lush green growth at our farms was cut in August/September and the mulching process was completed. These should be the last closing showers of the 2021 […]

Blooming Flowers in AAMRAI, Kelshi, Ratnagiri

Reds & Oranges, Pinks & Purples, Whites & Yellows, Strewn amongst the countless shades of Green, Such vivid colors in the fields and meadows, Painted by the grey skies and colorless rains. Poem credit – Ameya Vartak Photo credit – Mahesh Soman

Lush Green Rainy AAMRAI in Ratnagiri

An abundant monsoon showering countless hues of green, Water and romance in the air, nature’s verdant screen, New life emerges in the foliage, soil and on every tree, Heaven comes to earth during monsoon in Ratnagiri Poem credit – Ameya Vartak Photo credit – Omkar Ranade